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Past Clients


Amazing Events Filled With Magic and Memories

If you are planning an event, you shouldn't have to settle. It is important to make it fun and entertaining, but it is even more important to connect with your people.

When you work with Daniel, he does both, providing world class professionally crafted entertainment that will amaze and astound while connecting your people with your company in fun, positive, memorable, and most importantly meaningful ways

Mr. Schaffer provided an additional dimension to our party, and I would highly recommend hiring Mr. Schaffer for any engagement, large or small.

--Mike Whitaker CEO Whitaker Construction Company

He brought the message home at the end with his performance and his last and final words. It was what tied our function together and made our group truly feel like the family that we are.

--Dan Smederovac Director of Human Resources Gerber Construction

It was exactly what we were looking for.

--Andrea Sorenson Manager IKEA


Corporate Icebreakers and Mingling Magic

Let's face it. Without the weather most people don’t know how to start a conversation at a party. I'll fix that.
As a master at connecting your guests, introducing them by name to one another, I’ll deliver a shared interactive and fun experience in groups of 4, 6 or 8 at a time, over and over throughout the hour. They’ll be involved with one another and become a part of the party. Laughter, astonishment and fun bonding moments over and over again making new friends for them throughout the hour.
Remember: When people feel connected, feel a part of the group, they actually “plug in” and stay all night long!

I highly recommend Daniel and think it was the perfect ice breaker for to start our evening.

-- Tiffany R&R Partners


Interactive After-Dinner and Platform Shows

Entertainment that actually creates a lasting positive impression with your important guests! My carefully crafted entertaining show (See videos) captures their attention right from the start and has them laughing, clapping and chanting your organization's name over and over again throughout the show. (Wow!) In my amazing 30 or 45 minute show, your guests will lean forward with interest, fall back in their seats in amazement… and have their hearts moved when they realize how important they are to one another.

I am sure we will be talking about this for a long time. A BIG thank you to Daniel for entertaining us, amazing us and giving a great boost of self confidence to all of us with your closing words. Thank you Thank you so much.

-- Dawn Rinaldi St Francis Xavier

Personal Note:
There is NEVER any POLITICAL humor, no suggestive, ethnic, nor racial material of any kind - Guaranteed. Not on stage, not off stage.
(You may have to ask others to “leave it out”. Not me. It was never in anything I do to begin with.)

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